National Sustainable Development Plan

Overarching message on Economy

Politics and economics are inseparable, politics without economics is disastrous. Political decisions have created the current distorted and mismanaged economy, politics must set it right.  The current mismanaged economy has

  1. No sustainable national development policy,
  2. Misdirected priorities placing buildings before people development,
  3. Misallocated our nation’s precious resources,
  4. Mismanaged the massive transfer payments from the energy sector into mostly unproductive activities.

Therefore, a COP government must not only address the mismanaged economy but the distortions and impact on our society through appropriate solutions.

  1. The mismanaged economy has distorted the culture and behaviour of the entire society. It has had a corruptive influence on all economic, social, political activities and must be corrected before permanently damaging the culture and value system of our country. The fledgling democracy has been replaced by a creeping dictatorship.
  1. The mismanaged economy has diverted critical national resources and economic activities to unproductive use.  It has shifted the focus from hard work, productivity, wealth creation and long term sustainable development to short term gains to sustain political power of the governing party.
  1. The mismanaged economy has destabilized the society and its major institutions. The huge transfer payments from the energy sector have been controlled by the party in power whose primary purpose has been to redistribute this windfall income to sustain political power. As a result real inequalities and deep rifts in societies have emerged. While the rich have been getting richer, more people have now been ranked as working poor and numbers of those dependent on the state for employment have also increased.
  1. Finally, the current party in power with its misplaced economic priorities has not had the political will to deal with the increased threat to our national security and individual safety coming from the powerful illicit and particular drug economy. Drug transfer payments have been flowing into this country causing not only violence but major economic distortions, impacting all aspects and levels of our society.


A Congress of the People as a party and as a government is ready to set the politics and the economics right. The COP has the right solutions ready to be implemented.  The COP government is ready to reclaim our country and chart a new direction for the future.

2) Restructuring the Economy and Society

The Drive to Nationhood Places Societal Development of TnT on the center stage and requires a Restructuring of Society & Economy

A major national challenge for Trinidad and Tobago is to restructure the society and the economy from the severely distorted economy, into a Human-centered, Knowledge-based Service Economy. To achieve this restructuring demands a genuine collaborative and unifying national effort involving all sectors of the society and economy, all communities of interests, all citizens of this country. It demands a National Dialogue, a national discussion on this new Human-centered, Knowledge-based Service Economy.