Constitutional Reform

Constitutional Reform and Political Courage

The preservation of constitutional government based on a clear separation of powers that will be designed to protect the political liberty of all citizens must be the key priority in any change of our constitution. Changing the constitution alone will not ensure that we get the politics right. This must be accompanied by a character of political courage from our leaders who must always demonstrate that they will never have question marks above their heads about their opposition to attempts to overthrow the constitutionally-elected government of the country. All persons seeking public office should make it unequivocally clear that a free and fair election is the only way to legitimately attain public office.

  1. We must also ensure that there is the widest possible level of consultation in the formulation of any new constitution for Trinidad and Tobago.
  2. The age of the concentration of power in one person must be brought to an end by        the kind of reforms that must be introduced to ensure that there is a real separation     of powers between the three main branches of government – the Executive, the   Legislature and the Judiciary.